Woodland Burials

Create a living, natural memorial for your loved one.


Our Funeral Options

Woodland Burial

Woodland burials are becoming an increasingly desired alternative to traditional burials in a cemetery or churchyard. The funeral ceremony itself can follow any line of belief. From the traditional religious service to humanist ceremonies if required. Woodland or green burials use natural and bio-degradable materials. Commemorative trees or plants are planted in place of a headstone and serve as a living memorial of your loved one. As the woodland develops and evolves, it becomes a lasting, natural tribute to those we have lost. Most of all it will remain in place for future generations to visit.

At A.B. Taylor will help you plan the funeral at every stage and discuss options. As well as funeral services for all faiths and denominations, and ceremonies for those who do not have a religious belief. 

Woodland Services & Locations

The funeral ceremony or service can be held at the woodland location of your choice. A.B Taylor Funeral Services are able to assist with the woodland funeral arrangements. Talk to you through the order of the service and offer guidance. We are also able to provide a wide selection of environmentally-friendly coffins. The scattering of ashes is able to be accommodated at woodland burial sites. Please contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements and let us do the rest. Call 0121 434 4340 for more information.

 Options To Suit You

Saying goodbye is never easy, but at A B Taylor we strive to offer you the best possible way to do so. Our dignified funerals, future planning and ceremonies come in a truly bespoke way.

Pre Arranged

Some make the decision to plan their funeral in advance to ensure that everything is carried out exactly to their wishes. Call 0121 66 36 433

Coffins & Caskets

Many people take comfort from placing personal items such as letters or photographs in the coffin, casket or urn with their loved one.


We are proud to provide a beautiful fleet of Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Hearses and Limousines for your loved ones final journey in the funeral cortege.