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Funeral Costs

A compassionate and quality service at a fair price.

Funeral Costs

1.Full Range Of Funerals

Our family has always believed in providing compassionate and quality service at a fair price. When we arrange the funeral, we give a written estimate of our charges and the expenses we pay out.

We do not offer “packages” on our FULL RANGE OF FUNERALS. There are certain elements which are essential, but every funeral is different, and to the bereaved and to those arranging a funeral, some items are considered more important than others. For example  – cost; the choice of cemetery or crematorium, type of coffin or type of vehicle. We will listen to your requests, explain the various options and charges and give a written detailed estimate. Having said that, every funeral is unique, there is a common thread, so as a rough guideline for what many people consider a usual funeral arrangement.


A service at a local Crematorium (within 20 miles of our premises), including comprehensive Professional Services
Removal (within working hours)
One limousine
Mid-range coffin

Including the necessary fees for:

Minister or Celebrant

Our Charge

£2800, Plus Necessary Fees

2. Simple Choice

For those who wish for a limited service, we offer a funeral arrangement that is adequate. The care and dignity we give is equal, but this arrangement does not offer the full range of our services and may not be suitable for everyone.


Removal within working hours and within a 20-mile radius of our premises
Limited professional Services
Hearse to the Crematorium or cemetery within a 10-mile radius of our premises
Care of the deceased for up to 14 days
Simple coffin

The day and the time of the funeral is at our discretion although the bereaved will be consulted regarding their wishes.

Simple Choice, Does NOT Include;

Chapel of Rest
Viewing A limousine

Our Charge

£2250, Plus Necessary Fees

3. Direct Cremation

We can provide this service for a cheaper charge but in our long experience, we have found that often the family and friends of the deceased have felt deeply upset at not being able to attend a funeral and say goodbye.

There is no viewing, the date, time and place of funeral are not published, and no-one can attend.

Think carefully before deciding upon this route.

Our Charge

£1975, Plus Necessary Fees