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A B Taylor Funeral Services can make arrangements on your behalf. Following your wishes when someone passes away in a nursing home, hospital, abroad or at home. We provide 24-hour emergency service and will offer you guidance and talk you through the appropriate steps.

We will do all we can to lessen the burden and take the stress away so that you can focus on reflecting and grieving for your loved one. Not only do we offer a wide range of services to assist you with the planning of the funeral, but we are also here to offer advice and guidance.



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Established in 1927 by Augustus Taylor and his wife Emma Daisy. A B Taylor Funeral Services has gone from strength to strength. Building on their reputation for providing friendly, compassionate and professional funeral service to those in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

A.B Taylor is proud to be an independent family-run funeral director. We are members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.

We believe in providing a professional and dignified funeral service, with a personal touch. Furthermore, we will discuss individual requirements with you, however, we offer a comprehensive range of services. All to assist you with the planning of the funeral.

In addition, we are also here to provide advice and guidance to you at what may be a difficult time. Please call 0121 663 6433


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